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How to Register a Property Content

Process/Cost/Time & Guidelines

Property registration process covers following documents

    ● Survey Plan : Prepared by a licence surveyor
    ● Deed : Prepared by a Notary/ Lawyer and register at a land registry
    ● Ownership Certificate : Issued by the Colombo Municipal Council
    ● Street and Building Line : Issued by the Colombo Municipal Council
    ● Non Vesting Certificate : Issued by the Colombo Municipal Council

Process Summary

Property registration time and cost depends on the completeness of the existing property documentation

If the property file is updated process is short

    ● Title search
    ● Prepare the deed
    ● Obtain the stamp duty opinion
    ● Stamp duty payment
    ● Register the new deed
    ● Change the ownership

If the documents are outdated then the process is lengthy

    ● Update the survey plan
    ● Obtain the Ownership certificate
    ● Obtain the Non vesting certificate
    ● Obtain the Building and Street Line certificate
    ● Title search
    ● Prepare the deed
    ● Obtain the stamp duty opinion
    ● Stamp duty payment
    ● Register the new deed
    ● Obtain new Ownership certificate


Obtain the Survey Plan

Option 1

    If the survey plan more than 10 years then draw a new survey plan by consult a licence surveyor
    Registered licence surveyors

Option 2

    If the survey plan less than 10 years then no need to get a new plan

Title Search

Apply for a title search to check the land pedigree to make sure the land current owner and previous owners

Check the availability of the required folio using the Free Folio search facility for the land belong to Colombo land registry

(Click here)

If the Folio available

Option 1

    Visit the Colombo land registry and get the title search manually by paying Rs. 500

Option 2

    Use the Online Folio search facility , first register as a user then request for folio/s.
    Annual registration fee Rs 500 , each folio search Rs 500

Obtain the CMC certifications

Use the single counter facility to obtain the certificates by paying Rs. 12,000

Building and street line certificate

Non vesting certificate

Ownership certificate

Draft the New Deed

If the following documents are available Notary/ Lawyer will prepare the new draft deed documents.

    ● Updated survey plan
    ● Valid Building and Street line
    ● Valid Non vesting certificate
    ● Updated ownership certificate
    ● Clearance of the Title

Obtain the Stamp Duty Opinion


Based on the market value obtain the Stamp Duty Opinion

Option 1

    With the supporting documents visit the stamp duty office located at Battramulla by paying Rs. 250

Option 2

    Submit the Stamp Duty Opinion application and supporting documents through online

Stamp duty calculation

Sale of Property

    For the 1st Rs. 100,000 , calculate 3% of the total property value
    Second Rs. 100,000 onwards calculate 4% of the total property value

Gift of Property

    For the 1st Rs. 50,000 , calculate 3% of the total property value
    Second Rs. 50,000 onwards calculate 2% of the total property value

Stamp duty Payment

Pay the stamp duty amount to either Bank of Ceylon or Peoples Bank of Sri Lanka

Deed Registration

Handover the deed along with the stamp duty paid bank pay slip

New Ownership certificate

Obtain the new ownership certificate from the Colombo Municipal Council by paying Rs. 3500

Step Description Process Links Cost(LKR) Time & Days
1 Obtaining a Survey Plan Option 1 - If Survey Plan obtain less than 10 years ago, can use the same plan.
Option 2 - Owner or nominated person can obtain a “Survey Plan” copy from CMC (City Planning Division)
Option 3 - Survey
How to find a surveyor - Through Sri Lanka Survey Department (Land Survey Council of Sri Lanka)
To survey a property will cost 1% of the property value 14
2 Title Search Option 1 - Physically visit Land Registry Office
Option 2 - Online Search through RGD Website
Free Folio search for Colombo Land Registry ( Availability check) Live

eLR Online Search Request ( public ) Live
500 1
3 Obtain Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) 3 Certificates Ownership / Building & Street Line / Non-Vesting Apply through CMC Single Window Counter
For More Information -
12000 (All 3 certificates) 3 (All 3 certificates)
4 Transfer Deed is sign in favor of the buyer Transfer the deed
5 Obtain Current Market Value (Stamp Duty) Option 1 - Obtain the stamp duty opinion through online
Option 2 - Obtain the opinion through Western Province Revenue Department at Battaramulla 250 1
6 Payment of Stamp Duty Option - Within 7 days of deed transfer pay the amount to any state bank in favor of “Revenue Commissioner” % of the deed value 1
7 Register the Deed Option 1 - Register deed at Colombo Land Registry through “One Day” Service
Option 2 - Register through normal deed registration service.
8 Register the new owner at CMC Option - Through 3500 1

Property Registration Stakeholder Information

  • Property Registration Stakeholders (Land reg, wprd, survey, cmc)

      ● Western Province Revenue Department (Click here)

  • Contact Details

      ● Western Province Revenue Department (Click here)